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On Stage | Walter Blom Plants

Visions is proud to photograph for, and represent the wide collection of Walter Blom Plants, supplier of premium quality perennials and shrubs. Top grade bare roots, unrooted cuttings and plugs are available for over 2,000 varieties.

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Instruction video, how-to videos, planting bulbs, gardening, spring flowering, botanical stock images
Instruction video, how-to videos, gardening, tulips, tulips, spring flowering, botanical stock images
Instruction video, how-to videos, planting bulbs, gardening, spring flowering, botanical stock images

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With a collection of more than 400,000 photos, we offer the largest and most beautiful assortment of botanical images worldwide. Visions is specialized in botanical photography for over 30 years and knows the horticultural industry like no other.

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A wealth of experience in (botanical) photography, extensive botanical knowledge and a large network in the horticultural industry. Add to this a modern printing company specialized in the production of packaging, labels and promotional materials for botanical products, and a sublime result is guaranteed. Thanks to the close cooperation of Visions and Elburg-Smit, we can guide your project professionally and carefree from A to Z.