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What does the quality check entail?

Before images are published on our image database, we will check them thoroughly by our (technical) standards. All images in the database are in jpg format and have a minimum size of 210 x 297 mm and 300 dpi. Then the image editor examines the composition, color and light. Finally, we aim to add the full and correct botanical name of the photographed variety.


Can I find free images in the database?

No. You will receive a fair price and each image is of excellent quality. That's the reason there are no free images in our image database.


How long will it take to get a premium image?

We aim to have the image released to you within two working days.


How long will it take to get a customized image?

This depends on a few factors, such as where the image will be made, how complex the assignment is and if the variety is available right away. The moment we know your wishes, we will send you a proposal within two working days. Mail to


Why not just pay a fixed amount per picture?

Visions has a wide variety of customers and the way they use our images also varies. The price is based on usage, quantity and frequency. In this way, every customer receives a fair price.


Where are the customized pictures made?

This depends on the assignment. In most cases in our studio. Sometimes, we shoot on (your) location and in specific cases, we strategically choose another location.


How can I get in touch?

We prefer to meet in person and we use Skype or phone as well.


What do I pay if I ask you to help me find images?

We help you find, compare and select images at no cost. Feel free to tell us all your wishes, such as what you want to use the image for and who your target audience is.


Am I allowed to reuse an image purchased in a previous year?

If your license has expired and/or you want to use the image for a different purpose, you will need to purchase the image again.


When I find an image through Google Image search, does that mean it is free?

No. Just because an image is on the internet, doesn’t mean the image is free to use. You still need the correct license to use it. There is a difference between an image being online and an image being "in the public domain" (the term given to content that is not owned or controlled by anyone).


What is copyright infringement?

Infringement includes a violation of the rights of the creator or rights holder. Examples of imagery infringement include:

  • Use of whole or part of an image without permission
  • Use beyond the scope of a license or permission
  • Adapting an image without permission (art rendering)
  • Asking another photographer to identically recreate the image
  • Q: Who is responsible when infringement occurs? Responsible parties may include:
  • The party that infringed (the photographer or the person that took possesion of the image in the first place), even if unintentionally
  • Employees or others who participated in the original infringement
  • Anyone who published the infringing image, whether they had knowledge of the infringement or not
  • Anyone who authorized or encouraged infringement

Legal notice
Infringement of copyright may result in monetary damages, lawsuits, and costly legal fees and under some rare circumstances, criminal charges.

Licence Compliance Services, ImageRights, Permission Machine
Visions strives to protect the interests, intellectual property, and livelihoods of its contributors. For this purpose, our partners are authorized to manage the compliance of copyright on behalf of Visions.

In the event of identified copyright infringements, Visions and its partners reserve the right to claim damages up to € 300 per illegally used image, plus the possible court fees and legal costs. For more information, consult the sites of the partners mentioned above.

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