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Visions wants to exceed expectations. Every day, everywhere, and for every client. We offer the largest botanical image database in the world. And if you can’t find the image you're looking for in our collection, we can create customized photos especially for you!

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Ever since the launch of Visions Pictures, we still deliver what we promise our clients: delivering highly specialist images for the horticultural sector. The company with two photographers who established Visions in 1988 has now grown into a complete team of employees who work in different specialist areas. Apart from botanical photography, we are also strongly involved in advertising photography. What is the common denominator of these two branches? They offer top-quality images with a great eye for detail!

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Our collection with over 400,000 photos provides the largest and most wonderful range of botanical images in the world. We have in-depth knowledge of the horticultural sector, from bulbous plants to perennials, shrubs and cut flowers. All images are of top-quality and available in the size that fits your purpose best, so you never overpay for what you need.

Botanical images that move

When imagining an image database, you may think of some faceless, anonymous platform with a random and hugely diverse collection of images. Well, we do things a bit differently. We work with a team of professionals who collect images and create new images every single day. An eye for the perfect picture is embedded in our DNA. The creativity, knowledge, and how our employees look at what must be captured is invaluable. Not just for us but certainly for you as well. This is how we create images that move.

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At the heart of the flower bulb region

Our studios are located at the heart of the flower bulb region. It is the best spot where we enrich our botanical image database with new images every day. As we are so close to the source, we can do our utmost to find or create the perfect image for you. We are experts when it comes to the horticultural sector so we know what your clients want.

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Craftsmanship is in our DNA

Craftsmanship and doing everything we can to create the perfect picture. It is what characterizes our staff. Going the extra mile means that our creative team can make highly specialized images and exceed expectations.

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Always up to date

We inspire each other to bring out the best in ourselves and create the perfect image. We do this by creating the most wide-ranging settings as well as by keeping up to date with all the trends in the horticultural sector, with all the latest technologies in photography and video and, last but not least, by focusing on our clients’ wishes. This enables us to always deliver the images you need to convince your customers.

Our partners

Needless to say that we can't do this alone. We are fortunate to be located at the epicenter of horticultural growers and exporters. They are invaluable to us. They feed us with novelties, new breeds and varieties, and trends that our photographers can use and follow. On top of that, we closely collaborate with printing company Elburg-Smit to make sure that images can also be printed in the highest possible quality.

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