Pollinator-gardens are more popular than ever, and that’s a win for the world’s precious biodiversity. If your botanical product is a pollinator-magnet, inspire your clients to create their own bee and butterfly sanctuary with images from our image library. From butterfly bush to echinacea, these images are buzzing with life!

Insect hotel in lavender field, attracting bees and butterflies, pollinators.
Echinacea and Verbena rigida flowers attract insects. Gardening image library
Centaurea flowers in summer meadow, hardhead. Stock photography
Purple Buddleja Sugar Plum flower attracting butterflies. Gardening pictures
Yellow Solidago Yellow Surprise flower, attracting insects and pollinators.
Purple flowering Agastache Crazy Fortune, Hyssop, on pot. Stock images pictures photos
Butterfly on Sedum flower, pollinator friendly garden. botanical photography
Beehive in flower field with poppy flowers, bee friendly. Botanical Stock photo images pictures
Lavandula angustifolia, lavender attracting insects. Stock photography botanical
Coneflower, Echanicea, attractive to bees and butterflies, pollinators. Gardening, Stock photography botanical.