Highlights of the season - August 2021

Every month, our stylists and photographers provide an inside look at the season's highlights. Which flowers are stealing the show in our photo studio this month? We don't want to deprive you of these natural wonders!

#1 Hemerocallis

As the name says, the flowers of the daylily bloom for only one day. But with many buds continually opening on the many stems, this perennial adds a splash of color to summer gardens.

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#2 Drought tolerant plants

Our summers are becoming increasingly warmer and drier, which is why it makes so much sense to use drought-tolerant plants in (new) gardens. You might have noticed that we have added images of many of these plants to our image library over recent years.

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#3 Home-grown harvest

After a summer of nurturing your plants and watching them grow, picking them for a healthy snack or for use in summer dishes reminds you how rewarding it is to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Did you know that we have thousands of images of fruit and vegetables too?

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