Houseplant inspiration, all trending varieties in the picture!

Once you have wrapped your head around how to keep your houseplants alive, there is a world of indoor greenery to discover! From traditional to funky, low maintenance to finicky, flowering to green and gorgeous, or everything in between or combined in a wonderful mix.
There are plenty of reasons to start indoor gardening, but did you know that health benefits is one of them? Filling your home or workplace with houseplants is an easy way to increase happiness!
The Visions Pictures indoor plant collection can help you to get inspired to make all spaces look great and green, have fun discovering!
Foliage houseplants on pot. Aglaonema B.J. Freedman, Ficus lyrata. Houseplant pictures.
Red Flamingo flower, Anthurium in glass. Hydroponics. Botanical photography.
Dracaena sanderiana, lucky bamboo. Indoor plant pictures.
Closeup of Alocasia cuprea leaf. Indoor plant photography.
Colourful Cactus disco flower mix in pots. Cactus collection. Botanical image library
Foliage indoor plants on pot. Calathea. Houseplant photography.
Indoor fern Nephrolepis on pot. Botanical image databank.
Red flowering Mammillaria schiedeana, cactus, on pot. Botanical stock photos
Fern collection in pots. Indoor plants. Green houseplant stock photo.
Decorative succulents in glass. Stock photography botanical.