Lily Company B.V.

Visions is proud to photograph for, and represent this amazing collection of lilies from the Lily Company. All kinds of lilies in different settings can be admired here.

Lilium Lotus Wonder, lily, double flowering, close up, botanical photography
Lilium Kensington, Red Twin, Elodie, mixed, double lilies, botanical photography
Lilium Easy Fantasy, lily, close up, bulbous, summer, botanical image library
Lilium Happy Memories, asiatic lily hybrid, on pot, summer, bulbs, botanical images
Lilium Hachi, Bafferari, Josephine, P486, oriental lily hybrids, mixed, summer bulbs, image library
Lilium Royal Kiss, red lily, close up, summer flowering bulbs, botanical image library
Lilium Easy mix, asiatic lilies, pollen-free, summer flowering, botanical image library
Lilium Lotus Elegance, close up, double oriental lily, botanical images

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