Every season, our stylists and photographers provide an inside look at the season's highlights. Which flowers are stealing the show in our photo studio? We don't want to deprive you of these natural wonders!

Trend #1: Extraordinary weather, extraordinary mixes

The beautiful, stable weather this spring was a recipe for something very special in the Bollenstreek - exceptionally long bloom periods. Varieties that bloom in different parts of the season came to life (briefly) at the same time. For our studio, that meant an opportunity to create never-before-seen mixes. Enjoy these unique daffodil, tulip, hyacinth, and mixed-variety mixes.

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Trend #2: Remarkable Ranunculus

The ranunculus that passed through our studio this season were nothing short of remarkable. We're pleased to share this selection of close up, mixes, and lifestyle images.

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Trend #3: Spring containers

Bring the best of the season to gardens or terraces of any size with these spring container images! Solitary, mixed, or as a collection, they ensure a stunning display.

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