Let’s begin with introductions. Can each of you tell us your name, how long you’ve worked at Visions, and the unique skills you bring to your customers?

I’m Stephan Vernooij, and I started working at Visions 10 years ago. I’m honest and open with our customers, and that leads to building long-term relationships. It’s nice to see that after so many years, nearly all of our clients are still working with us.

I’m Morgan van de Reep, and I started working for Visions 3.5 years ago. I’m always open to learning new things and I try to look ahead of situations to make sure we can fulfil our customer needs.

Morgan van de Reep (left) and Stephan Vernooij

What sets Visions’ studio and Botanical Image Library apart from other image suppliers?

MvdR: The combination of 35 years experience in botanical photography and the relationship with all the growers and breeders is a unique element to create the best images possible. Everyone at Visions is willing to take the extra step to create that one image that makes a variety a top selling product.

How do your customers’ business goals impact the photography productions at the studio?

SV: As diverse as our customer base is, the need for a large selection of excellent images keeps the studio busy all year round! It’s a top priority for us to offer as many varieties as possible, of the highest quality in our Botanical Image Library. But even with over 400,000 images, we are driven to find and photograph new and missing varieties. To make this happen, we’re partnered with over 100 growers and breeders who consistently deliver both tried and tested favorites, and new varieties to our studio. Furthermore, many of our clients connect us with new growers and breeders, ensuring we continue to grow our collection.

Perennial purple and yellow bee border. Plants and flowers photography.Mangave collection on pots. Plants and flowers photography.

Recent images from our botanical studio

How can the right image impact sales?

MvdR: These days, it’s easier for our clients to follow their customers’ behavior on their website, and see which images are working well. We often hear from new customers that their sales have improved since using our images. While an image is just one component of the total effort to increase sales online, it’s clear that consumers really want to imagine what a botanical product will look like in their garden or home. A good image can help with that. Our existing clients also tell us that they have a higher click rate when a Visions image is on their website.

SV: The right image really does make a difference in terms of sales. It’s common for potential clients to overlook that a small investment in a good picture can increase sales by a large percentage.

Stephan, having worked at Visions for over 10 years, have you noticed changes in the market?

SV: Online usage has been increasing every year since I started working for Visions. In addition to the increase in the number of online mail order companies, there’s been a significant increase of merchants on marketplaces and in affiliate marketing over the last few years.

Speaking of the market, can you share any trends you’re observing?

SV: The houseplant boom is undeniable. While our clients keep up with the consumer demand for new varieties, we’re right behind them creating beautiful images to promote those varieties. Because of this, we’ve had the opportunity to photograph many new collections over the years and our houseplant offering is quite extensive. In addition, the demand for strong mix images remains high, even after many years. Lastly, our clients are seeing the value of on-demand photography, so we’re getting more requests for custom shoots.

Beyond labels and packaging, how are your customers using images?

SV: Most of our direct clients use our images for their mail ordering (online and offline). But our images are also used for various POS-materials, brochures, home shopping networks like QVC, and magazine editorials. It’s also nice to see our images being used by our clients when visiting a trade show, when shopping at retail stores, or even on a semi-truck while driving on the highway.

Flowering Osteospermum Senorita Orange on pot. African Daisy. Plants and flowers photography.

Plantipp's Sempervivum Chick Charms on a semi-trailer

Foliage indoor plant collection. Plants and flowers photography.Crassula arborescens in terracotta pots. Plants and flowers photography.Cactus on pots. Cacti. Plants and flowers photography.

A selection from the Visions houseplant collection