This past spring, we paid a visit to renowned grower Peter Komen of Kwekerij MJ Komen. Read on to discover how he keeps up with increasing consumer expectations, and which new dahlias to look out for in the 2022 season. We’ve worked with Peter for many years, view a collection of our favorite Kwekerij MJ Komen dahlias here.

How did the bulb-on-pot season go for you this year?

January and February were good months, March a bit less, as customers wanted their products early. Usually, we have too much inventory because ‘you can't sell from an empty store’. Everything is sold through FloraHolland's Floriday, which works really well for us.

What are the main activities at the nursery in March?

It is a transition period for us. We are finishing the bulb-on-pot season and soon we’ll get started on the dahlia cuttings.

How have you seen the market change over the past few years? Has this affected your operations and way of working?

Customers have become more critical - but our years of experience and thorough testing of varieties ensures that the quality of both the existing range and the new varieties remains high. We also notice more interest in new varieties and combinations. Luc Berbee, who has been working with us at the nursery for more than 10 years, will take over the forcing and the trade of bulbs in pots. This will allow me to fully focus on dahlia breeding and selection.

Dahlia images. Two Dahlia Great Silence flowers pink. Images of flowers.

Are you expecting new introductions this year? Why are you enthusiastic about them?

Yes! For dahlias, I have high hopes for Mrs. Miley. The first pots are currently up for testing. The color scheme is very special - a beautiful warm orange color, which you don't see much in the existing assortment. I also expect a lot from Tanita and Loe’s. For the potted bulbs, there are nice new bulb combinations and new ornamental pots.

What is your connection with Visions and why do you enjoy working with us?

Visions is very important for us. For our business, a label with a good true-to-life picture is essential. The beautiful pictures we use on our labels show the consumer how beautiful the product can look in their home.