“Let us help bring your botanicals to the market with the same care they were grown.”

What kind of work happens at Visions besides photographing flowers and plants?

Visions now consists of a team of 20 colleagues. Our 7 photographers and videographers are supported by project managers and image editors. We also have an administration department, 3 account managers, and a marketing department. Our images are selected and named with the utmost care by our botanical specialists before they go into the image bank.

This is your 18th spring with Visions, what are you looking forward to the most this year?

I am looking forward to getting back on the floor with our clients and colleagues, and to look to the future. I’m excited about putting the ideas that have emerged over the past two years into practice. Visions has undergone a transformation in all areas: a move and remodel gave us access to brand new facilities and software, and the expansion of our team in almost every department. By taking a closer look at the applications of images and investigating where the need lies, we’ve been able to formulate a clear focus and help our customers even better than before. We can offer a broad package of photography and video for print, online use on websites, store materials, and even complete custom content packages for social media - in other words, fulfilling visual needs in the broadest sense of the word.

How does Visions stay ahead in the field?

A clear focus, a great and varied collection, and a passionate team of specialists, right in the middle of the Dutch Bulb Region. Because Visions consists of a large in-house team, we are able to make additions to our Image Library year-round. And if we don’t have it (yet)? We can photograph it on commission. Without a beautiful product, there is no photography, so of course, we appreciate our partners: the growers, breeders, and exporters, who deliver the plants and flowers with such care. Thanks to our partnership with botanical label and packing specialist, Elburg Smit, we can also offer print material in combination with our images, ensuring a beautiful result from concept to completion.

Message for customers

Your product has been cultivated with the greatest care, let us help bring your botanicals to the market with the same care they were grown. A beautiful (digital) presentation of flowers and plants is a must, the picture sells the product. This may seem logical, but an internal study has shown that a product supported by a good photo sells better than a product with a lesser photo. And to all our loyal customers I say, thank you for always finding your way to Visions, we look forward to the future. The coffee is ready and waiting for you at the studio!