Prepare the gardens for a colourful spring!

Nothing lights up gardens better than spring bulbs. They provide an abundance of colour before most perennials and shrubs get going. In the northern hemisphere the planting season for spring-flowering bulbs is in full swing.
Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other spring-flowering bulbs are planted in autumn. Plant as many as you can; they really do look best planted en masse!
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Closeup of crocus bulb. Planting bulbs spring gardening
Planting spring-flowering bulbs, Gardening flowerbulbs image library
Planting daffodil bulbs in garden. Gardening in autumn. Stock photography
Planting Crocus bulbs in lawn. Gardening pictures
Closeup of daffodil bulbs. Narcissus flowerbulb daffodils
Hyacinthus bulbs. Hyacinth flowerbulb stock images pictures photos
Young lady planting spring flowering bulbs. Gardening planting flowerbulbs season botanical photography
Leucojum aestivum bulbs. Botanical Stock photo images pictures
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Hand holding hyacinth bulbs. Gardening, Stock photography botanical, Hyacinthus spring-flowering bulb