IPM: Green, Great, Gorgeous!

The IPM in Essen, Germany will be held from 28 to 31 January 2020. On behalf of Visions, Morgan van de Reep and Marieke Hahn are present at the largest international trade fair for horticulture and they would like to introduce themselves to you!

Do you want to meet us and/or want to know what Visionspictures can mean for you? Make an appointment by sending an email to pictures@visionspictures.com and we'll see you at the IPM next week!

Indoor plant collection, house plants, in pots, green, botanical lifestyle photography
Sansevieria collection, house plants, indoor plants, Mother-in-law's tongue, on pots, botanical image library
Lady holding basket with ivy, Hedera, indoor plant, house plants, botanical lifestyle images
Asplenium Crispy Wave, indoor plant, house plant, close up, detail, green, fern, botanical photography
Ficus Benjamina, indoor plant, house plant, on pot, lifestyle photography, botanical picture agency
Asplenium Crispy Wave, indoor plant, house plant, on pot, green, fern, botanical image library

Always the right image

In our large collection you will almost always find what you're looking for. When you can't find the image you are looking for, or if you want an exclusive image, we can create a customized photo or video in our botanical studio or at a beautiful location.