Our vision

Discover how we started and where we are heading

Visions was set up in 1988, when Richard Smit and Aad Faas decided to go for it. They had years of experience in botanical and advertising photography when they started their studio in an old sawmill in Lisse, between the bulb fields. The partners believed they could win by being more service-oriented and professional. With a suitcase full of slides, they travelled the world to share their passion for photography and to get to know the most diverse clients and their different needs. So to subsequently return to Lisse with new inspiration and a lot of energy. More than 30 years later, the team consists of 17 people. Richard you still find with a camera most of the time.

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'Our passion makes the difference. It drives us to go deeper. To look forward. And to always keep learning.' — Richard Smit, founder



Right now, the image library contains over 350.000 professional photos and videos. What makes us strong is that we do not only collect photographs, but we also take them ourselves. We can create highly specialized images in our professional studio. Besides that, we are able to mimic the most diverse settings. For example, we can capture the growth of a plant in an image. In addition, we regularly go out to catch 'the moment'.

Since we are professionals, we can guarantee high quality images. This applies for both the images we create ourselves and for those of our partners. We believe that images should not be just truthful and beautiful, they should also have the power to inspire and sell.

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The go-to party for images in the horticultural industry


We like to be open-minded. It is important to know what the trends are in the horticultural industry and in the field of photography. This is why we visit trade fairs and conferences, so we also get to know a lot about other industries. We have regular and extensive contact with our clients. Every year, we start off with an extensive internal brainstorm session. Therefore it is no coincidence that you see our images in leading magazines and international journals, and the reason professionals and hobbyist use our database as a source for inspiration, a sales tool and an information source.


'The kick-off at the start of the year is extremely important. What are the current trends? What are the market expectations? We incorporate our knowledge into our services and we share it with our partners and customers.' — Debby van der Geer, managing director



We always strive for exceptional work. But as everyone has a camera these days, quality is more important than ever. In addition, video is also playing an increasingly important role. You can count on us. Search in the image library or ask us to customize your request. For both photos and videos, two things are becoming increasingly important: efficiency and exclusivity. In both cases, you can count on us:

Efficiency. Since we have the largest botanical image library in the world, there is a great chance you will find what you are looking for.

Exclusivity. Do you have a creative idea that has never been practiced before? You can count on us.

Which image is suitable for you depends on a number of factors. For example, which channel you use, and whether your target audience is local or global. Do you want something ultra-modern or something more classic? Let us help you choose. Feel free to send an email, give us a call, invite us on location, or make an appointment to visit us.

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