Meet our visions pictures team

People with a vision

Marcel van Greevenbroek

To turn his passion into his profession, Marcel graduated from the School of Photography in the city of Apeldoorn. He was green as grass in the field of plants and flowers when he joined Visions in 1999. Marcel loves the job as at Visions, no two days are alike and he has the privilege to work with the best equipment on the most beautiful locations. Just like in his personal life. Marcel is father of a boy and a girl and he loves motorbikes and scuba-diving. Most of the times he brings along his camera and (also) when he goes scuba-diving, he shoots the most amazing pictures of the underwater world's.

Petra Barnhoorn

Petra’s roots lie in Afrika. She grew up on a farm and spent most of her time outside. Africa is where she developed her passion for nature. A perfect fit for Visions. It is always special to work with so many different flowers and plants, to meet others with the same passion and to move along with (the unpredictable) all seasons too. ‘These are the factors that make my job so colourful and dynamic. There never is a dull moment in our botanic studio!’'

Stephan Vernooy
account manager

Ever since he started his studies of International Management, he has travelled the world. Perhaps this is his greatest passion. At the moment, Stephan is settled in Amsterdam, but his roots and heart lie in the Bollenstreek. It is no surprise that Stephan is currently working for Visions, since 2012. His job seems to be one great discovery of the infinite world of flowers and plants. Stephan has a growing knowledge of the people in all layers of the botanic sector, in flowers, plants and of course photography.

Laurence Hall
image editor

The former Englishman and photo-editor Laurence developed himself. As an autodidact, he went from photo-fanatic to computer-lover. The team spirit, the creative possibilities and the possibility of self-development are what make Laurence feel at home at Visions. ‘For me, it’s all about telling stories, transferring information and working with shapes and colour. That’s great, isn’t it?’'

Sandy de Haas
content image library

Sandy grew up near the Bollenstreek and spent over ten years on the southern hemisphere. There is where she developed her passion for nature (conservation) and the green sector. Sandy graduated of Horticulture and Forest Management. When you ask Sandy about her favourite way to spend her spare time, she would probably tell you she loves being outdoors on warm summer days. And she probably forgets to tell you she regularly covers more than 60 miles on her racing bike, no matter what the weather looks like! Here at Visions she feels like she’s exactly at the right place. ‘Without the green sector, the world would be a lot more pessimistic. The huge variety in seasons, operations and our team are awesome!’'

Ramon van der Reijden

Ramon has been absorbed in the world of plants and flowers ever since he was a small child. Having green fingers together with a huge botanical knowledge make him totally engaged with his job. Besides, it gives gree rein to his creativity: ‘I’m challenging myself to get great results every time, to really make it mine. Also when I am travelling, my camera is always with me. I’m always looking for the beautiful green around me.’'

Debby van der Geer
managing director

Debby enjoys life and all the beautiful things on our world. She is fond of road trips and exploring the different types of architecture in the different cities she visits: ‘My boyfriend and I can walk for miles, to enjoy the beauty and the atmosphere of (new) cities to the fullest’. Debby has the same respect and admiration for her colleagues. She loves getting inspired by watching them creating the perfectly photographed of filmed production. Debby gets her satisfaction by perfectly organizing projects and the development of talents. Her challenge is to get the ultimate result every time.

Daniella Witteman
administrative management

Daniella is born and raised in the Bollenstreek. She started working at Visions in 1995, the year she graduated from high school. She began as the receptionist, then worked at the slide archive and is now working in the field of financial management. In her spare time Daniella loves to be outside with her son. Enjoying the sun, relaxing at the playground or having fun at the beach.

Karel Ham

Karel is father of a daughter (24) and son (21). Photography is what takes Karels’ life to a higher level: ‘Photography helps you to look at the world from a different perspective. It is a way to see the beauty of everyday life. Photography really is an enrichment to my life. Capturing nature in the early morning light, with the dew on the flowers, can be a real medicine..’ Besides photographing nature, Karel loves to enjoy good food and drinks.

Willian van Tol
picture editor

Willian grew up between the bulbs and flowers, and about twenty years ago she moved away to the Groene Hart region. Willian is a true outdoorswoman and a busy bee. She likes to take care of her family, loves gardening and is fond of boating. Besides she loves to be creative. Picking flowers, refurbishing old materials and — not surprisingly — photography!

Miriam de Kooker
project manager

Miriam was born and raised between the bulbs of Lisse, but her arrival al Visions was a coincidence. It has been more than ten years ago when she started as a receptionist and these days she is the manager of our advertising photography. Together with her photography colleagues, she continuously strives for the best result for the customer. The diversity and creativity of Visions are giving her the energy to be a sporty and above all proud mother of two teenagers.

Suzanne van Saase
management Assistent

Growing up in a bulb-family, Suzanne has green genes. In 2012, she joined the Visions team as a financial assistant. At that time, she was our youngest team member. It didn’t take very long before she came in touch with the diversity of working at Visions. By now, she has a lot of different responsibilities. From assisting the productions of photos and films to keeping the books, and all that’s in between! ‘The flow of creativity in this company in combination with the solid team are what giving me a lot of satisfaction in doing my work.’ Suzanne loves to enjoy life by doing lots of activities with her friends and family..


Visions Pictures seems awesome and I’d love working in the horticultural industry. I will send in my open application very soon.

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